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"Excellent. Wish I'd known about colonics years ago, it would have saved 12 years on back pain tablets. I always feel very comfortable and relaxed when I come to Whitelands. It's not embarrassing, as a lot may think. Elaine is the perfect, friendly person for the job and to put you at ease. I would never go anywhere else for a colonic."


"Elaine managed to simultaneously demystify my colon, whilst filling me full of wonder at the intricate workings and vital importance of it all. I have subsequently developed far more awareness and respect for this part of my body that up until my colonic treatment was 'below the belt' and never much thought or talked about"


"I found the treatment 'kick-started' my system. I have had very few IBS episode since and these have been very mild and as a result of my eating 'wrong' foods. I fully intend to have further treatments."


"Didn't look forward to the experience, but was treated very professionally and the end result was excellent, many thanks."


"Excellent service, delivered in a professional way. Elaine put me completely at ease and the improvements in general health and feeling of wellbeing were priceless. A first class establishment that I would highly recommend."


"Elaine really understands the treatment she provides and picks up on specific problems you may have, that are individual to your own body and she works with this to provide the best treatment for you. This makes you more relaxed, therefore you benefit more. Also the breathing techniques Elaine gives during the treatment are excellent as your whole self can relax. After the treatment I felt lighter and brighter, noticing a change throughout my whole body. Thank you for your committed and professional service."


"What I thought would be a very traumatic experience, turned into something very relaxing and really enjoyable. Elaine put me at ease from the minute I entered the clinic, it also helped that she was a qualified nurse. Elaine has a lovely soothing manner about her and the whole set-up at Whitelands is very professional."


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