During the current Covid-19 pandemic times how appointments are run will vary


When you arrive at Whitelands Clinic for the first time, you will be asked to complete a confidential medical history form.


Elaine will then discuss your history with you and explain the procedure; this will take around 30 minutes.


The colonic treatment itself takes approximately 45 minutes. The Transcom Colon Hydrotherapy HC-2000 machine gently introduces warm, filtered water into you colon, via your rectum and is then released. You are in control at all times and the therapist will be with you throughout.


During this time, special massage techniques together with the internal bath, will stimulate the elimination of stored faecal matter, mucus, gas and toxins. Several cycles of filling and emptying will provide the opportunity for your colon to begin to work more effectively.


This is the quickest method to start your body cleansing!


During the treatment Elaine will teach some deep breathing techniques, for relaxation and elimination, which will help enhance the treatment.


We will give you practical after-treatment advice and suggest ways of continuing to care and improve your colon and general health.


The number of treatments needed depends greatly on each individual. Years of colon neglect may not be solved in one session. We will advise you on the day of your first visit, what follow up treatment may be necessary.


Your appointment will last around 120 minutes.

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